Modern New England

We created a contemporary cottage landscape for a transplanted California family. The compact front yard is surrounded with a dark fence, giving it an instant cottage feel, then filled in with simple slabs of bluestone and architectural plantings in shades of green and dark purple.

In the backyard, the owners wanted to replace the kidney-shaped pool with a more contemporary rectangular one. They were convinced to keep it, but treat it in an organic way. It was thought of like a Noguchi table. Everything around the existing pool became very linear so the pool looks like a droplet of water. The kidney bean shape is actually a sexy curve. Wide bands of bluestone along with strips of grass create a horizontal pattern of lines around the curved pool, like a sheet of music.

A few steps below, angular slabs of concrete lead to a seating area around an outdoor fireplace whose flames rise from a basin of glass. From the retaining wall a television pops out, making it the perfect spot to watch movies in the summer, or to cuddle up under blankets for Monday night football in the fall.

* project created with GLDI


My Role: Lead Designer & Project Manager

Client: Private Family

Size: .46 acres

Location: Hingham, MA.

Status: Completed 2012

Photos: Stacy Kunstel