Kunming Lakeshore Golf Community

Provence in southern China. This project was to become one of the premier integrated Golf & Lake Resorts in Kunming, China, a region that has become the destination of choice for golfers across Asia. The development would be organized about a championship course, with luxury resort homes set amidst lush landscapes against the backdrop of Yang Songhai Lake.

These graphics I created depict conceptual designs for the model homes park, the Roman aqueduct-inspired entry and iconic Provincial clock tower around which the commercial district is arranged. There was a natural spring atop the mountain ridge near the entry that was to be redirected to become a picturesque waterfall. It would be the community signature.

* project created with SCI


My Role: Lead Designer

Type: Community, Hospitality, Commercial & Park

Size: 825 acres

Location: Yang Zonghai Lake, Kunming, China

Status: Incomplete