Monte Concali Resort

Monte Concali is the first five-star resort golf community on the ancient island of Sardinia. Unlike renowned coastal resorts, Monte Concali is cradled in the heart of the island, surrounded by spectacular vistas and 3,500-year old cultural sites. The master plan calls for skillful integration of Monte Concali into the surrounding agricultural land. We were commissioned to provide master planning, theming and design services for the new development, which includes a hotel and spa. We drew inspiration from abundant local resources and maintained a focus on environmental sustainability. By blending cutting-edge technology such as sensitive stormwater management and electric car transportation with timeless materials, the resort seamlessly coexists in its historic and picturesque setting.

* project created with HGOR


My Role: Co-Designer & Documentation

Type: Community & Hospitality

Client: Tom Kane

Location: Sardinia, Italy

Status: Idea

Images: HGOR