Fishing Village

The premise guiding the programming, organization & design of the green spaces and all public features was to create a contemporary interpretation of a Low Country village that emphasizes textural and material characteristics from the fishing culture that has existing in this region for hundreds of years.  By articulating edges of the required water quality ponds in either a naturalistic manner, or with a refined wall treatment we were able to create unique features for each phase of the development.

At the end of a centralized necklace of park spaces is a beautiful peninsula with a long dock into the river for easy boat access from the casual amenity area.  In this zone there is an summer kitchen and lath house-style multi-purpose structure, along with a sand volleyball court, organically arranged playground and flower garden court.

* project created with DTJ


My Role: Lead Designer & Project Manager

Type: Community & Park

Client: John Weiland Homes

Location: Mount Pleasant, SC.

Status: In Progress