Beach House Tapestry

Located on 3 contiguous lots along one of the more celebrated water frontages in southern California is a bold tapestry with an abundant floral twist. Our clients did well for themselves during the early years of the dot-com push and wanted a showplace to enjoy the fruits of their labor.  They did not spare much expense and the instant results are obvious in these images taken just weeks after and during installation.

Ecological considerations included the prevention of sand & soil erosion by establishing a dense network of roots from native and regionally appropriate plants and minimizing impermeable surfaces. The program for outdoor living areas included a kitchen, fireplace, dining terrace, pool terrace, casual gathering nook, shower stall, activity lawn, and pleasure gardens. Screening of nearby houses was essential, so mature trees and bamboo were incorporated throughout.

* project created with ALG


My Role: Co-Designer

Type: Estate

Client: Private Family

Size: .35 acre

Location:  Manhattan Beach, CA.

Status: Completed 2010